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The Sims 3: Ambitions for the PC opens a whole new world for players. Sims is a life simulation game which allows players to create 3D characters and give them certain characteristics and can to some degree be made to resemble yourself, someone you know or some completely new human being. these characters are then used in the game to mimic the lives of real people. They can have families, make friends, go to work or lounge around, or do any life task that humans can do. Ambitions is an expansion pack that presents additional features that The Sims 3 base game and the many other expansions do not have. These features, as the title suggests, are related to the luxuries of life that an up and coming Sim may aspire to and include such things as clothing, furniture and accessories. Also included are new skills and new customization for characters.

But Ambitions is not just about a better material life but also deals with work or vocational aspirations. Jobs or vocations that Ambitions offers include fireman, self employment businessman, doctor, fashion designer, private investigator, ghost hunter, architect etc.

This game lets you use data already saved from previous Sims, or your can create a brand new Sim. Players also get a new experience when it comes to visiting places in their town. In The Sims 3 base game players could only visit buildings but they could not always see inside whereas Ambitions now allows players to see what their Sim can do inside and can control them as normal while they go about the activity of working, shopping or playing etc.

All the new jobs offered here encourage the player's Sim to take an active part in that role. For instance, if a player's Sim is a detective, the Sim can stake out a house or lurk under the cover of bushes, take objects for evidence, and even break into another Sim's house. Each job includes new objects that are the usual tools of the trade. The new jobs also come with consequences that are the result of actions taken and so must think before they do things as the outcome may be disadvantageous to themselves or others.

Although the Sims 3 Ambitions expansion has a lot of extra and activity and content to offer existing Sims players it is not much use on its own, but then it is not really marketed as a stand alone because you need the basic Sims package loaded to make use of it.