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Frodo Baggin's, a humble Hobbit, lives a modest life in a quiet sleepy village called the Shire in Hobbiton of Middle Earth; where no one has any adventures. That is until fate intervenes and hurdles Frodo from his ordinary life and into a quest to save the world. His task is to destroy an ancient ring that wants to be reunited with its master and maker, the Dark Lord Sauron. Should this happen, Sauron will have the power to destroy the world. Thus, the journey to Mount Doom, the place where the ring was forged millennia ago, and the only place where it can be destroyed, begins. The journey will be a dangerous one and so a Fellowship representing the races of Middle Earth is formed to guide, assist and protect Frodo on his quest for the ring's destruction in the fires of Mount Doom. It is this journey that has been brought to life by LEGO and can now be experienced by the players of the LEGO Lord of the Rings PC game.

The game follows the general storyline of the movie trilogy. The journey comes to life as players take on the form their favorite characters. The Fellowship includes the Hobbit Frodo, the Ranger Aragorn, the Dwarf Gimli, the Elf Legola's, the Wizard Gandalf, and Frodo's three loyal Hobbit friends Sam, Merry, and Pippin. Together, members of the fellowship face the Nazgul on Weatertop, negotiate the hazards of the Misty Mountains, battle the Orc's and the fearsome Balrog deep in the Mines of Moria, fight the Uruk-hai, meet the infamous Gollum, and ultimately cross the threshold of the Black Gate of Mordor.

Along the way, as players explore the world of Middle Earth, they will unlock more than 60 characters and the ability to play them all, brandish the power of the seeing-stone called Palantir or the all-seeing eye, solve riddles and puzzles, find magical items and weapons, and collect, combine, and create new items in the Blacksmith shop found in the village of Bree.

A new feature of this game is called free roam, which spans all three films and gives players the ability to travel through Middle Earth between levels. During free roam players accept side quests, adding a new dimension to the game. Reviewers state they feel as if they are actually playing through the story, not just the cut-scenes as in previous games.

Adding realism to the characters, the game incorporates dialogue from the movies. Players can also play the different storyline's of the different characters, adding new complexity and richness to the experience. With the ability to play new story lines, different characters now have their own unique abilities. For example, Gandalf has the ability to use magic. Each character in the game has one or more unique abilities, along with their own inventory of weapons or magic. The game has 18 levels, with a bonus that can be played upon completion of the game. Enjoy this fantastic new LEGO game.