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FIFA Soccer 13 for PlayStation is the latest installment in Electronic Arts ever popular and longest running franchise video soccer game. Like the previous editions, FIFA 13 is engaging, fun and can be played solo, multi-player or online. It's main differences from FIFA 12 are the following.

The 500 official teams and selection of more than 15,000 players have been updated.

First Touch allows the players to trap the ball better with their feet.

The addition of the EA Sports Football Club where players can earn swag through points for their players.

Attacking Intelligence give players the information to analyze plays and react accordingly.

Complete Dribbling which allows you to have complete control of the ball and gives you 360 degree turning power.

Tactical Free Kicks gives you the ability to use your best players for free and wild kicks.

There are also new ways to pass and something called FIFA 13 Fundamentals which makes the playing experience appear more authentic. For example, referees will make better calls and goalkeepers will be able to defend better.

FIFA 13 works well with the PlayStation game system. The handheld controls lend themselves very well to the fast moving action of FIFA 13. EA also offers an online game manual on their website which will walk you through how to play and give you some needed helpful hints. There are also several fan websites with additional hints and discussion forums. Fear not, any question you may have concerning play will be, or has already been, answered.

How long game play can last is your choice. As you get more and more into it and if you follow soccer closely, assembling your team may take longer as than the actual game itself. (So if you like a managerial role, this is also the game for you). Once you start earning virtual points, you can outfit your players as well. Add in EA Sports Match Day, which gives you the latest soccer news about your players in terms of injuries, suspensions and trades, your players will be up to the minute in terms of playability.

The drawbacks of FIFA 13 are two in number. The major problem is that sometimes the game freezes when loading. This can be fixed simply by restarting. The only other drawback is that the differences between this game and FIFA 12 are not mostly small. However, just with the graphics you can see a huge difference and it certainly gives it a more realistic feel to gameplay.

The list price of of FIFA 13 for PlayStation is $59.99. It can however, be found for under $50 online. You can get it even cheaper than that if you buy a slightly used copy. While there are not vast differences between FIFA 13 and FIFA 12, there are enough though listed above to make the trade up worthwhile. FIFA 13 is a fantastic and interactive game for you or the soccer lover in your life.