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The Sims 3: World Adventures Expansion Pack for the PC brings the whole world right at the player's fingertips. With World Adventures, the player can create a character and live vicariously through them as they travel to foreign places like Egypt, China, or France. This expansion pack is similar to The Sims: Vacation, Bon Voyage, and Castaways, but deliver players a more interactive experience. This game differs from the previous expansion packs because it allows players to actually have adventures and go on little tasks or missions if the player chooses to and it does not involve your Sims just staying at a resort where they do the same things they can just do at home.

World Adventures has more updates than before. This expansion offers new clothing, objects, skills, and worlds, all of which enhance the player's game and are essential if a player would like to dress their Sim based on the world they are sending them to, if a player wants their house to resemble a world, or if a player simply wants to use an object that is normally set in the worlds like a tent. The Sims 3: World Adventures lets players use their old data if they want, and players from home can decide to send their Sims to a different part of the world. The current worlds that come with the World Adventures are China, France, and Egypt. Each new world offers a plethora of things for the player's Sims to do. For instance, in Egypt, players can send their Sims straight to the ruins to discover hidden treasure or they could have them read the board to find certain adventures that they can take from other Sims.

Once at the new world's base, players can choose to have their Sim do whatever they virtually want. Players do not have to strictly stay with doing adventures, though. Since there are various small towns and shops, players can complete little mini games or have their Sim buy souvenirs. Those that do want to participate in adventures are sure to keep entertained.

Adventures provide such features as manipulating other Sims in the area to get them to do what you want, go on treasure hunting missions, search ruins, exploring tombs, and finding rare items. The tomb offers mini games that include puzzles, secrets, and traps to keep the player busy. When going on adventures, Sims can take new objects with them for exploring like shower in a can or packages of food. None of these are meant to last for extreme periods of time and will most likely make your Sim go insane. The new skills include things like photography and martial arts, which give the player more things to do.

The The Sims 3: World Adventures keeps the game mostly lighthearted and is designed to give players a new experience since they are, after all, in a new world. Players are sure to keep themselves entertained.