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One of the most anticipated games of the decade came out towards the middle of last year and drew in many gamers to once again join forces to take down Diablo. The sequel to Diablo II was met with disappointment after being delayed for so many years, yet this is not a game that should be overlooked. There are many reasons why this game was met with big disappointment, the biggest being the lack of options available other than acquiring gear to defeat Diablo on the hardest difficulty.

The greatest thing about Diablo III is that you do not have to pay for a monthly subscription. This game is fun when you venture with friends and level together to take on the minions of hell. The game can be a bit difficult if you play alone but if you have an ally or two then you should have an easy time getting through the game.

The graphics are amongst the best that the PC world has to offer. When the game goes to a cutscene you will surely be impressed by the facial expressions and how real the characters look when they move. The sound is great as well, if you have a bass then it is going to be put to good use while you play this game. The soundtrack is an instant classic and will keep you motivated to play throughout your journey.

The lack of player versus player function thus far for Diablo III is what is making the game less appealing. Upon the game's initial launch there was little to do other than level, get good gear and sell items via the auction house. Soon after the release of the game the Paragon leveling system helped players who had reached level 60 gain stats and increase their ability to find magical items after each Paragon level they acquired. Although this was a good addition to give players a sense of accomplishment every time they played there was still something lacking from Diablo III.

Released at the end of January this year Diablo III finally saw the addition of dueling. Now you can fight a friend or some of your friends in combat to see who is the best Nephalem. This makes the game have a lot more replay value and makes it worthwhile to invest into acquiring items either out in the field or through the auction house. If it weren't for this addition to the game Diablo III would not have a lot of replay value.

All RPG fans and old Diablo II players would find a lot of enjoyment in playing Diablo III. Since there is no monthly subscription and you can play online with friends this game is worth your time and effort if you have friends to play with. Keep in mind defeating Diablo on the hardest difficulty is no easy accomplishment. The minions of hell and Diablo are tough and only the best gamers will find themselves triumphant in the end.