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Dead Space 3 for the PC is the sequel to the previous two Dead Space games. The game's story follows the main protagonist Issac Clarke as he tries to understand the mysterious events that led up to the Markers and their Necromorphs counterparts.

The main storyline deals with Issac and his attempts to find his lost girlfriend Ellie who was lost at the end of Dead Space 2. As Issac goes to find Ellie, a second co-operative player, John Carver will also be playing alongside. While this may take away from some of the scare of the environment, it still leaves a daunting challenge for the players to get past.

Necromorphs are ever ready to get the upper hand on the players so they must be ready. If John Carver is not controlled by another player, the CPU will simply control the A.I. for him. Besides John Carver simply being a cooperative player, he also presents a new storyline to the game which includes information on Issac's past. Speaking of encounters within the game, the combat will come in handy when facing enemies up close. Aside from the Necromorphs, players will also face bosses from time to time that they must also defeat to pass. Some boss characters will also continually reappear throughout the level.

Dead Space 3 highly emphasizes the use of telekinesis and other abilities to defeat the Necromorphs. The player has the capabilities to use their telekinesis to tear a Necromorph's limb off and stab it into another area of the creature thereby slowing it down and severely reducing the striking ability of the creature. Issac Clarke's telekinesis abilities also allow the player to induce gravity type attacks and incur slow motion to the enemy character.

Another addition to this version of Dead Space 3 is there is a weapon upgrading ability where players can come across a variety of materials they can use to upgrade their weapons. While the player may choose to upgrade their weapons, they'll have to choose which components of the weapons they'll upgrade while others will have to wait. Also, if the person wishes they can find components and parts to upgrade Issac's RIG suit to give him different abilities he can perform.

Another optional game mode called New Game+ Mode is awarded to players who beaten the game at least once. After they've beaten the game, they may try their hand at this mode. The New Game+ Mode consists of allowing the player to collect as many items as they can, finding collection items, upgrades for their RIG suit, weapons and also allows them to perfect their combat techniques against the Necromorphs.

The sounds of the game have all been revamped so that the character voices are clearly heard and creepy sounds are heard throughout the game when appropriate. The sounds go nicely alongside the high definition graphics that have been overhauled so that the game environment shows off scary lighting effects, realistic textures and scary environments including icy planets, dark ship corridors and empty dark space.