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Prepare for visually impressive and immersive full scale war as you assume the role of a U.S. Marine in Battlefield 3. Following in the same steps of it’s predecessors, Battlefield 3 brings back much of the same formula that has made all Battlefield games great, while adding even more dynamic destructible terrain, a grand sense of scale, and a dizzying array of new vehicles and weapons to put you right into the warzone.

Battlefield 3 for Playstation 3 offers, for the first time in a main Battlefield title, a full single player campaign where you play the role of elite U.S. soldiers as you battle across the Middle East, Europe and North America. The campaign offers a big, loud and intense ride short of being a blockbuster action film, with destructible terrain and buildings using the Frostbite 2 technology and an abundance of crazy firefights and explosive sequences. The story, however, falls a little flat and makes little sense in the end while suffering from a lack of strong and present side characters with whom you would development an attachment to. Furthermore, you don’t really get to take control of any devastating vehicles, a staple of the Battlefield franchise, except for a short tank sequence and an even less engaging ride-along aboard an F-18 where you are simply a gunner pointing out targets. The campaign doesn’t really give you the opportunity to learn how to pilot vehicles in preparation for multiplayer and is generally a short affair, offering an experience that while entertaining does not fully live up to the strengths of the Battlefield franchise.

However, as with most modern shooters, where it really counts is the multiplayer, and Battlefield 3 has made no exception with its competitive mode and newly added two-player co-op mode that features several lengthy and difficult missions. The competitive mode brings back classic Battlefield game types as two teams battle it out on large battlefields with vehicles of every kind littering the map. With the Frostbite 2 technology there is nothing quite as satisfying as blowing apart a building with long range artillery or bombing a street into oblivion from your jet fighter or helicopter. Battlefield 3 also brings back a deep level of customization to the classes you can pick, with a large amount of weapons, attachments, equipment and perks that you can pick and choose in any combination. While you aren’t able to alter your character aesthetically, you have numerous options to give your soldier a completely unique kit on the battlefield. The only real problem with Battlefield 3 on Playstation 3 is it suffers from the smaller player cap of 24 players opposed to the PC counterpart cap of 64, thus reducing the size of all the maps. However, the multiplayer still stands as a great experience and will surely have you hooked for hours.

If you are looking solely for a single player experience, then Battlefield 3 might not be the game for you. But if you are looking for a fun single player ride and a deep multiplayer experience, then Battlefield 3 for Playstation 3 with its large scope and variety is a clear and safe bet as one of the best modern shooters out there.