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If you are looking for a game that is visually stunning, then you will be deeply impressed with Need for Speed Most Wanted. This is one of the best selling games out of the entire Need for Speed franchise. This might have you wondering, what separates this Need for Speed from the games of the past? Well, one of the things that makes it popular is the expansive world that you can explore.

What Makes Need For Speed Most Wanted So Good?

The major thing that sets this game apart is the little touches. For example, the little dust particles on the windshield that will sometimes accumulate, or the nitrous oxide taking off as you hit the nitrous button. Racing in this game is almost always going to be exciting, and the storyline of this game is absolutely amazing. You will be glued to the controller from start to finish.

Upgrading Your Vehicle

You can also upgrade your vehicle as you progress through the game. However, you need to have speed points. You do this by breaking the law and outrunning the cops. Speed points can also be earned by taking an active role in races and earning them that way. Upgrading your vehicle will not only make your vehicle look more visually impressive, it will help you to win races, and most importantly, outrun those pesky cops who for some reason, have a grudge against you and your attempts to the become the Most Wanted.

Excitement With Need For Speed Most Wanted PS3 Game

This game has all the elements of great fun. There are six level of heat in the game with the police. The higher the level the more things that you will have coming after you. For example, as you get higher in level SWAT cars, helicopters and roadblocks will be strategically placed out to try to slow you down. What is annoying is they will almost always try to take you by ambush as you reach higher heat levels. Nonetheless, you can have a lot of fun slamming cops into oncoming traffic and barely escaping yourself. That is an additional bonus to Need for Speed Most Wanted. You can play dirty when you take part in street races and slam other racers into walls and other objects. This is not a game that was meant to be taken too seriously.

The Negatives Of The Need For Speed Most Wanted PS3 Game?

The main negative is that single player mode is fairly easy to beat. You will almost breeze through the races. However, there is a lot that you can unlock and do to add even more hours of enjoyment from the game.

Overall, Need for Speed Most Wanted for the PS3 is a good game that will give you hours of entertainment, especially if you take your experience online. There are many challenges and unique online play that will keep you entertained for even longer. This game certainly helps to do justice for the Need for Speed franchise.