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Mortal Komabat is certainly trying its hardest to live up to its reputation of a game series with the most extraordinary graphical display of violence and depiction of excruciatingly violent injury and death experienced in gladiatorial combat playing out straight from the pages of ancient history, and it does not fail in that respect. So anyone who buys the game and then complains about the levels of brutality have only themselves to blame. They have been warned and should have known better.

This version for the PS Vita contains material unique to the series as well as the story mode seen in other versions and includes downloadable costumes and characters. The story mode is a reprise of Mortal Kombat 1-3 and the main characters' stories can be played out one by one.

There are at least thirty characters and needless to say they all have their own unique appearance and abilities and the downloadable characters included as standard are Kratos, Rain, Scarlet, Freedy Krueger and Kenshi. The boss characters Goro and Shao Khan and Kintaro are only playable in certain modes. There are on screen tutorials covering most aspects of the game and there are also several WiFi functions both local and remote in which 'friendly' can be played or competition can take place where the results are tracked by a leader board.

There are as usual various moves and combinations available and combat is mostly one on one but there are tag contests. The attack with the most interesting effect is the X-ray attack which results a view of the damage to internal organs and bones and carries with it the option of a fatality and the delightful gory mess that ensues.

There are two main challenge towers where certain conditions have to be fulfilled to complete missions from the Tower of the Elder Gods. There are also several test modes or mini games. Test Your Might and Test Your Strike which both involve not much more than button bashing. Test Your Luck is a novel idea where you opponent and the fight conditions are decided by the outcome of the spin of a slot machine. Test Your Sight is sort observation game with eyeballs and in which failure results in death. Test Your Balance uses the tilting function of the PS Vita to stay balanced as things are thrown at you. Test Your Slice is played using your finger to slice up on screen body parts.

So all in all you know what to expect and the game certainly delivers and gives fresh meaning to the term unarmed combat.