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Far Cry 2 was a brilliant and entertaining game but suffered from many problems with player's complaining about flaws such as vehicles moving too slowly, hit-detection issues, and sluggish controls etc. But that was four years ago and Ubisoft have now released FarCry 3 which suffers from far fewer problems. Vehicles speeds are much faster and the vehicles seldom suffer break down. Hit detection is greatly improved and the controls are now more responsive and fluid.

Way off the beaten track, far far from civilization is an island group, the Rook Islands, visited by a group of curious tourists expecting to find an uninhabited paradise isle. The group is captured and caught up in a bloody struggle between crazed warlords and tribes of natives indigenous to the islands. You escape and form an alliance with the natives and lead them in a bid to defeat the warlords and rescue your fellow travelers.

The multiplayer gameplay is no more than average at its very best. It has shades of the Call Of Duty multiplayer game mode about it, but is not as good. It has been said that Ubisoft's made a mistake in using P2P servers rather than dedicated ones.

In Co-Op mode there are six scenarios to play through and as many as four players can take part. When you first start out you must make do with only a few loadouts but as you play progress through the game and the levels you receive more weapons which you are then able to customize. This game mode is pretty linear which leads to a lack of any interesting choices.

The graphics is are the department in which FarCry 3 excels. The visuals are quite stunning and the lighting effects are amazing. The island scenery is gorgeous and convincing. The sound is good, guns and weapons sound very realistic and the incidental soundtrack is very enjoyable. A few of the tracks are a bit samish but most are OK.

There are a few drawbacks and some the design quirks can be very frustrating. The HUD lacks configuration and vehicles have been removed from multiplayer mode. Freezing seems to be a problem while using the map editor, so make sure to save when you can or you could lose it all. Ubisoft's change from dedicated servers to P2P servers has made multiplayer a very frustrating experience. There are patches which go some way to fixing a few of the bugs.

If you have the Insane Edition you get a funny looking Vaas bobble head, a survival guide, a survival pouch, and some pretty good DLC.

Overall, Far Cry 3 is a very entertaining open-world game that has been described as Skyrim with guns. A huge map editor means lots of multiplayer fun.