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Marcus Fenix, Delta Squad leader is back with his team of COG soldiers and this time they have to fight for their lives to try and save the remnants of the human race from old threats, and new ones that come from within the planet itself. The campaign within the game is set over five acts, split into smaller chapters, and the controls have been kept pretty much like they were in Gears of War 2 so fans of the previous game should have no problems settling in.

Gears of War 3 also has a split screen option so you can play with a friend and for the first time you can now go with a team of four players. You also get the option to play other skins, so you are not always limited to playing Marcus Fenix. The game also has new abilities by which you are able to tag opponents, the only problem with this is that it is of little use in single co-op mode and is more use in the multiplayer campaigns when playing in teams.

Overall this third installment is way better than its previous two counterparts and the story overall, which I will not spoil, adds to the overall flavor and gameplay. This is a gem of a game and has won multiple awards from numerous top gaming sites. The gameplay can last for around 10-12 hours but the online play will last a lot longer than this.

The graphic background to the action is stunning and the designers have paid great attention to detail with each campaign. All in all Gears of War 3 has leveled the series with what is truly a peach of a game, it is way up there with the top games on the Xbox 360.