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Medal of Honor Warfighter is a first-person shooter video game developed by Danger Close Games and published by Electronic Arts, and is a game that leaves you wondering what happened? The other Medal of Honor games have at least been mediocre, and amusing to play, but Medal of Honor Warfighter just does not live up to its hype. I have found it very hard to see anything that is worth praising, but I will do my best to try.

This installment leaves off where Medal of Honor left off. You play as a Tier 1 operative named Preacher who, after years of deployment, comes back to find his family in turmoil. It also seems that the deadly explosive PETN had begun to reveal itself in all sorts of organizations all across the world. You trek across the world with your unit, stopping bad guys and shooting foreigners, just like any Medal Of Honor game before it. Although this time around the firefights are bland, the missions are boring, the story is told by a complete amateur, and the game just is not any fun.

The games' missions start you off with a single weapon, a machine gun, and as you kill enemies you are free to loot and use their weapons, from aks to shotguns. Despite this, the action is very bland, boring, and funnily dumb. Your teammates are useless, they will blindly fire at anything, be it an enemy or not, and even the enemies will fire at random into walls that are not even near you, its very sad! The artificial intelligence in this game is really lacking the intelligence part, and is an extremely big letdown.

Despite all of this, the game is at least remotely fun to play through, and if you have a couple hours to kill on a Thursday night, and have absolutely nothing better to do, you can give Medal of Honor Warfighter a go. Its clunky feel, bad gameplay, and uninteresting storyline will not be enough to keep you from putting the control down.

Now the multiplayer does indeed fare a bit better than the single player version. Players take part in a large scale global battle by selecting which country they would like to defend. There are 12 different Tier One units from ten different nations that players have the ability to select from. There is also a new interesting thing they added to the multiplayer, with each online server you visit, the game will pair you with a random buddy. You can replenish each others health and ammo, and even respawn next to each other. If your team mate avenges your death, you will be respawned immediately.

Despite being a big letdown, Medal of Honor does have a fun multiplayer to look at and play for a couple hours. So if you have some change lying around, go pick up a used copy of this game and entertain yourself for just a short while.