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Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker makes its come-back to US for quite a long period of time. As originated from Dragon Quest Monster, this is one unique and hard to forget game. Monster collecting games, just like its counterpart Pokemon, is really an exciting game to play! This Nintendo DS game will allow you to play as a young boy whose father is imprisoned by a mysterious organization called CELL. He is involved with this organization and indeed part of it. Your father then asks you to do missions for the organization. Forcibly then you participate in different battles and a secret mission for CELL. And after clips, and a brief introduction, and detailed instructions, you head for the adventure. Then the game begins.

With the previous Dragon Quest Monster go through dungeon, battle, fight bad guys, collect monster, and as other RPG games must do. With Dragon Quest: Joker, you'd feel a great level of adventure. The experience is mostly about battle, which the series lack before.

The game has over 200 monsters and some of these creatures are new. Because it is an RPG game, you can carry up to three (3) members in your team at a time. Each should be able to level up, upgrade skill, and equipped with. With other monster-collecting RPG games, Joker has a non-violent way of persuading monsters to join the team.

Monster scouting and conversion is made in percentage where a dice roll is stimulated. To convert monsters and turn them into members, you have an impossible 2% chance to convert them. This is how thin your chance can be. It can be quite frustrating though.

You can try new strategies with your team with Joker. You can control monsters in different categories, breed and train them. With battles, you can easily say Fight and watch them battle with opponents. Switching up strategies is easy and quick making it more natural to move.

The bad thing about this game is its graphic and presentation. Oftentimes the control is a problem too. Technicality can be a big problem at times. Characters and monsters often pop out of nowhere and fade instantly. The 3D action isn't good and it is often disturbing. Touch buttons become a problem as it is used for maps and battle menus, they are small.

Dragon Quest Monster: Joker may not be as a very good experience on Nintendo DS, but it is playable. Production value and monster battles may not be the best, but it catches up with other RPG games. For first time players it is easy to play and it can be worthy to play with. Because this is a Dragon Monster Quest series, the experience and adventure is still the same. 3D work may not be so impressive and grandiose but it is surprisingly fun. The technical quality may be a problem, but somewhat it can hook you still in your chair for a long time. Monster-collecting lovers will love this game for sure.