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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is an epic first person shooter which redefines the way in which combat action style shooters are undertaken. From the original which came out about six years ago Activision has continued to refine this brilliant model in order to make it an effective action shooter in a way which similar games are now adopting.

The heroes Soap and Price are in pretty bad shape, and the nefarious villain, Vladimir Makarov, is still missing and currently at large. You battle through various missions around the globe and use a very extensive range of weaponry during firefights.

The survival mode is also a new addition and allows various players to compete against wave after wave of enemies. Or the player may decide he wants to engage in firefights in a solo type environment, which makes for a harder, more engaging combat. As you engage in mission after mission in this new survival mode, you will be presented with much harder levels as the levels progress.

Where Modern Warfare 3 really shines is in the online multiplayer, where you can compete against human players which makes this shooter probably one of the most realistic type of shooting simulators ever to be constructed for any console. There are sixteen maps located in the multiplayer offering an excellent breeding ground for multiplayer combat.

You also have several modes of play from street firefights, controlling particular towns from invasion, stealth infiltrations, rooftop firefights, multiplayer as well as various survival modes, battle modes, online modes. Quite an array to keep the overall entertainment flowing.

Modern Warfare 3 has continued to improve on the previous titles offering better choice of weapons and upgrades, while keeping various elements from the previous titles, including Territorial Control, Bomb Planting, Snipers, Mass Killing to name but a few. In terms of graphics and overall performance this game is a continuation of this improvement and refinement.

If you like an all action packed shooter which incredible detail, refined controls and great sound quality, then this title is worthy of a look, as it really adds to the realistic feel of what it would be like to gear up and take the leadership role in the middle of a war zone.