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With the first release coming out in 2007, The Assassins creed series has spanned 5 console games and 8 others to become almost as mainstream in the video game universe as the Madden football franchise. Assassins Creed Brotherhood on the PS3 stands out as one of, if not the best in the series.

The story in the original Assassins creed was fairly bread and butter. Assassins creed 2 expanded on this but didn't get interesting towards the end. Assassins Creed Brotherhood has a story with more depth. There is more added lore and interesting characters that really drive the player to find out more. The standard main story and the added secrets mesh well together and really reward total completion of the game.

Another one of the features that makes Assassins Creed Brotherhood stand out over it's peers is the combat aspect. Later games in the series added a little more tweaks and the previous versions made combat feel kind of stiff and almost too rhythm based. Assassins Creed Brotherhood hits the sweet spot in the combat department and all the enemy fights feel fluid and crisp. The addition of having assassins as a back up option with their actions seamlessly added to the players control scheme really enhance the battle experience. Ezio really feels like an unstoppable force with the aid of his Allies. The addition of back up assassins is pretty much the only new addition to the features that were added in Assassins Creed 2. However the more recent release tend to add too many extra activities that take away from the overall purpose of the game.

While it is one of Assassins Creeds weaker environments, the setting of Rome is still strong enough and diverse enough to warrant exploration. The overall city is quite large and does offer several different environments within itself. There is still a strong open world feel that gives the players several options to complete their missions.

It would have been nice to have the ability to travel to different cities as was possible in the previous two renditions of the series. However, the developers did a great job of creating one large overall setting that allows for less loading screens and better transitions in game play missions. The biggest disappointment with not being able to leave Rome comes from the player simply wanting more because Rome was done so well on its own.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood was the first in the series to offer a multiplayer option. While there were some concerns about this early on, it did not disappoint once it was in action. There are a variety of game options and types, each with there own objectives. The overall game play translates well from the single player experience. The added twist of playing against human opponents creates new situations to encounter every time a new game is started.

Assassins Creed as overall series has always been solid. Each one has it's own strengths and weaknesses. Assassins Creed Brotherhood is a solid addition the series and definitely not something to miss on the PS3.