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Developed by Griptonite Games, Shinobi 3D is based off of the Shinobi series of video games originally published by Sega beginning in 1987. Created specifically for the Nintendo 3DS, Shinobi 3D is actually the twelfth title in this long-standing series. It is a welcome resurgence for loyal Shinobi fans that have been waiting for the next emergence in the sequence.

"Shinobi" is that Japanese word that refers to a ninja. Ninjas, in contrast to the samurai, performed a range of unorthodox warfare tasks including espionage, infiltration, sabotage, and assassination. These fighting methods contradict those of the noble samurai who strictly observed the rules of honor and combat.

In the Shinobi 3D video game, the ninja protagonist, Jiro Musashi must employ each of these methods using new attacks like melee, acrobatic, and ranged. But this ninja has a bonus advantage of magic as he fights his way through the game. The son of the original hero in the Shinobi series, Joe Musashi, Jiro survives vicious attacks to his Japanese village. The game jumps to the future via a mystical vortex where the real action begins as Jiro battles futuristic enemies.

Shinobi 3D features side scrolling game play just like in the previous game. This is a feature gaming fans loved and have been glad to experience once again. The game primarily utilizes buttons to control the Japanese action, however, a series of mini-games included use the touchscreen. Game play remains very similar to the original arcade style of the 1980s.

Shinobi Jiro Musashi is able to perform actions like sliding and double jumping as he thwarts the attacks of evildoers. In addition to his sleek ninja moves, Jiro makes use of ninja stars and a grappling chain to defeat his elusive opponents.

Shinobi 3D has received very high praise from long-time fans and newbies alike. Striking graphics and beautiful backgrounds as well as attractive animated scenes in between segments of the game were among some of the points highlighted and appreciated by gamers. As always the classic ninja action proves satisfactory for Shinobi fans.

Professional reviews awarded it a score of 69 on Metacritic while Destructoid and the official Nintendo Magazine of the UK lauded the game for its content and the challenge it presents to be appreciated by seasoned gamers. Gamespot also noted the level of difficulty in the game but also credited Shinobi 3D for its accessibility to the gamer at the same time. Gamespot stated that the ninja warrior video game was one to add to a gamer’s 3DS library, saying it is worthy of a spot on your shelf.

Shinobi 3D is not a video game for those seeking an easy victory. The difficult game play is best suited to those in search of the satisfaction of a challenge overcome. Classically stealth ninja moves and plenty of hack-and-slash thrills satisfy the craving for action as gamers make their way through an army of villains. Based on the experience of Shinobi fans thus far, you won’t be disappointed in this latest sequel to the series.