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Tank! Tank! Tank! for Wii U lets players drive around in tanks shooting at things. That's the basis of things; however, the player may also play with friends to also shoot and destroy things. In Tank! Tank! Tank!, players will battle it out in multiple different Japanese monster and Mech scenarios including famous gameplay experiences.

Typically, when the player begins the level they are given a certain amount of time to defeat all the enemies. While this time limit can vary, it it usually about three minutes. When the player defeats enemies, they are awarded with medals. Medals can be used for unlocking tanks, tank upgrades and levels within the game. While some medals can be earned on a mission, the player may have to upgrade their tank and play the level again to earn another hidden medal. Unlocking all of the medals are crucial in being given the option to upgrade and unlock everything else in the game. It's also important for the player to try to earn the best score that they can get within the level in hopes of a chance at earning medals.

The player will usually just move their tank, shoot at enemies and defend themselves against attacks by defensive maneuvering and strategic offensive shooting. The player's tank has a standard weapon but is upgraded with yellow and blue powerups. Yellow is a light powerup whereas the blue powerup is a strong upgrade. This gameplay repeats in fashion until the player earns all of the medals, unlocks all the tanks and upgrades all of the tanks. This game is a fun game that allows family and friends to have a good time battling their tanks against large Godzilla-like creatures.

The vertical aiming in the game is automatic so the player just needs to point their tank cannon in the direction of the target they would like to strike. Besides the powerups that the player can find, there is also a hidden powerful weapon. The weapon is called the colossus missile and it is a nuclear bomb that will destroy any opponents within the surrounding area.

Tank! Tank! Tank! has rich cartoon-like graphics that capture monsters in captivating details and colors. Besides the visuals, if the player would like to do so they may also take a picture of the gameplay. The Wii U game pad can be used to capture a picture of the on screen action so it can be looked at anytime.

The multiplayer portion of the game also features four modes people can choose from. There is free-for-all where players try to stay alive and earn the most points within the time limit; Team Versus Mode and the Monster Battle Mode. The Monster Battle Mode allows players to team up against the monsters played by the CPU. Lastly, there is the My Kong Mode. This option might be overlooked by some people and is a worthy gameplay mode for trying. When selecting this mode, the player becomes a gigantic robot gorilla with the goal of defeating all of the other players.