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Looking for something fun to add to your 3DS library? Ice Age Continental Drift on the 3DS will not fail to entertain. With the same familiar characters from the hilarious movie, you and a pal can battle through a series of icy events as you make your way through this new adventure.

If you loved the movie, full of excellent animation and non-stop hilarity, then you will also love the video game. The perfect opportunity for some silly fun and competition, Ice Age Continental Drift takes players through the challenge of several wintry tests. Might this be the first of future annual winter sporting events? This one takes winter sports to an entirely new subzero level!

As the game begins, Manny and his herd have been separated from their friends and family after having experienced the trauma of their beloved island shaken adrift. The group of unlikely friends stumbles upon another group - a ragtag band of pirates who happen to hold the secret to a valuable treasure. But it is not long before trouble begins to brew in the snow-laden plains of the arctic.

When it becomes impossible to decide how to best split the found treasure, everyone agrees to face off in a series of sporting events. Before you begin, you must choose a side as you decide whether you will play for the Herd or for the Pirates. Who will you pick to team up with for the one-of-a-kind sporting events? If you choose the Herd, you can play as Manny, Peaches, Sid, or Scrat.

Gamers make the most use of the gaming device’s touchscreen for most of the game. Challenges include glacial hopping, ski jumping, the squirrel cannon, and ice smashing. As you hop, smash, and dash, you will face a total of ten arctic events that include Glacier Hopping, the Coconut Slingshot, Bob-Smashing, and the Prehistoric Plumber.

You will compete in one of three modes including Tournament Style, Free Play and Story Mode. The Tuck button will help players reach top speeds in downhill racing events. While the Hole-Plugging minigame may be challenging, other gamers advise concentrating on major leaks in order to achieve a victory. The winner gets the sparkling riches and bragging rights.

Ice Age fans can’t get enough of this one. Amazon customers awarded Ice Age Continental Drift 3DS a satisfactory 4 out of 5 stars. Players who frequent the popular video game store GameStop awarded it a hefty 8 out of 10, praising the arctic game for its great controls and wonderful graphics. Gamers found that this Ice Age game is especially accessible for children, cutting down on the frustrations so they can be victorious.

In this Ice Age game players will fight for the elusive Prehistoric Plunder and acorn medals of gold, silver, or bronze. Join up with the Pirates or Manny and the Herd to win the treasure buried in the arctic. Ideal for kids, Ice Age Continental Drift 3DS is an entertaining game full of healthy competition and good, clean fun.