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Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 for the 3DS is everything you know and love about the wizarding world of Harry Potter and everything you have come to expect from Lego games. The game is far from ground breaking, as many might have guessed, but then it does not need to be, as it combines the winning formula of Lego and Harry Potter into an easy to play video game. It, like its predecessors, is great for younger casual gamers and Harry Potter fans of all ages.

The gameplay is far form innovative, again sticking to a trusted formula. The method for Lego games has proved solid in the past and it is what the many players of Lego titles have come to expect and love. The Lego series itself is designed to be easy going with child friendly gameplay. It takes a lot of the more serious but still to some degree lighthearted aspects of Harry Potter and puts the Lego slant on them. Typical of other Lego titles it includes puzzles and quests relying on your acquired knowledge of spells, potions, wand waving and problem solving skills to figure them out. There are many secrets to discover and all manner of locations to discover and explore, and a lot of time can be spent unlocking extra content.

The game picks up where it's previous title left off, which for players who have played the earlier title is good thing, but those new to the Harry Potter series it may be difficult to drop straight in to the story. Of course no no one could complain that it takes place in the same location, Hogwarts, which is imaginatively caricatured in Lego format, and the same applies to the characters and beasts that inhabit that world

One of the most prominent improvements for Harry Potter Years 5-7 is the duel system. It adds a new layer of fun for players as it is simple and well done. New spells and items have been added to the roster allowing for some new customization, keeping the game from getting stale and feeling too much like the previous title.