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Racing games are perhaps one of the biggest staples of the gaming industry, and Asphalt is a game series that is notable for its ability to make games where players do nothing but drive for the finish line while still keeping things interesting. With Asphalt 3D, now available on the Nintendo 3DS, it doesn't matter where players are or how much time they have. It's possible to have a driving experience that will blow them away stowed in their back pockets.

What Makes Asphalt 3D so Different?

Asphalt 3D is, for one thing, in 3D. The capability of the 3DS to render games in all three dimensions adds an extra something to every course, and puts a little adrenaline spike into every, single race. Beyond the shiny red ball of the 3D effects though, Asphalt as a series is a collection of solid games that really act as the epitome of what a driving game should be. Players get to drive fast, weave in and out of traffic like they're the lead role in an action movie, and try to shave every second possible off their time to be the best in the world. With the unique handling offered by the handheld platform, players can get into the race in ways they might not have on other systems.

Race More Than Just The Computer

In Asphalt 3D players can take on more than just other computerized opponents in their own digital hot rods. It's possible to race other players live via the network connections provided by the Nintendo 3DS, and it's also possible to race against the ghosts of the highest scorers and fastest drivers that have come before. In that sense players can take on the best, even if the players who set the records aren't present to participate in the race itself.

In addition to racing other players, it's also possible for drivers to set records. For those who choose to participate in the world ranking system, players can see how their times and achievements match up against all the others who play the game that are willing to show off a little bit when it comes to their scores. This builds a community full of competition as everyone tries to beat the best score and move up in the rankings.

What a Driving Game Should Be

Asphalt 3D is, more or less, everything that a driving game should be. It's fast paced, it's fun, and it provides players with a challenging environment where they can choose their opponents and earn in game cash to get the best possible upgrades for their rides. So whether a players wants the European model with the huge engine and the massive spoiler, of they're content to just focus on a snazzy new paint job for the time being, there's a little something for every taste in this game. It's for that reason that anyone, no matter how young or old, can strap in and rev their game to the next level.