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One thing that Worms: Open Warfare 2 is not is a new take on the Worms gameplay. It’s the classic turn-based worm-weapon-wielding destruction-fest that earlier versions were. If you played any version before, you’ll be right at home with the game on the DS. There are a number of new weapons in this version like the Explosive Buffalo of Lies. With your arsenal at hand, you’ll command your troop of four worms across the crazy destructible landscapes against up to three other teams of worms.

There are multiple single-player game modes in Open Warfare 2 for you to battle through. There is the campaign mode, which takes your group of worms through a series of more and more difficult scenarios that are set in the backdrop of historical battles. This allows the game to showcase some of the more interesting tile sets. One new addition in this version is the introduction of boss battles, which are a more difficult take on the standard battles against AI worms. There is also a puzzle mode, where you have to complete tasks with a limited arsenal, and a laboratory mode, which lets you play around some with the touch screen and microphone.

The addition of multiplayer to this version takes it to the next level. Not only can you take your party of worms online to battle against opponents from around the world, there are also new game modes for you to play. One of these is called Forts, where the battlefield is two large forts on either side of the screen. The other is rope race, where you use the ninja ripe to swing through a level faster than the opposition. The options for online play are limited, but the important thing is that they are there.

Another nice new addition to this version is the new levels of customization that are offered to players. Now, you can customize much more on your team than just the worm names and what tombstone you’ll leave when you die. You can change your victory dance, flag, team color, and what fort will appear in Forts games. If you’re feeling really artistic, you can even customize your flag with the built-in editor.

A little artistry has always been appreciated in Worms games, and this one finally adds an editor for players to create their own levels. This is a feature that, although standard in early versions, has been cut out of recent releases. It’s nice to see the developers decide to take the extra time to include it.

If you’re a fan of strategy games of any ilk, you've probably played a Worms game over the years. Worms: Total Warfare 2 has that same excellent gameplay, in an updated package with a bunch of new features. This is definitely one for any Worms fan, or strategy fan, to add to their collection.