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The game is somewhat similar to the first version. As in that game, blocks drop from the top of the screen toward the bottom almost continuously. Also as in that game, you combine groups of three similar blocks together and then launch them into the air, by using the stylus to throw them up. The blocks get pushed up by you, but pulled down by gravity, so your goal of trying to throw blocks off the screen for points is made more difficult as you play. Gravity changes on nearly every level, so learning how the different gravity affects your throws is an instrumental part of the gameplay. Once blocks are in the air, they can also be combined with other blocks to create combos, which increase the force of the launch. These tactics are required in the later levels of the game just to make it through.

The big change from the original Meteos to this one is that blocks can be moved horizontally, and not just vertically. This is a big changeover from the original version, because the fact that you couldn't move blocks horizontally had a lot to do with why the game was so challenging. Now, the possibility exists for it to be less challenging, but that is not actually the case. That is because the levels are now so hard later on, and there are so many different difficulty levels to choose from, that players will be able to master simpler skills, and still have to learn the more advanced skills just to get through levels.

The numbers of different Disney movies that are featured are sure to keep most little fans happy, as well. Jiminy Cricket is your narrator, and helps tie together all the little stories that involve the Disney movies. There are certainly movies missing, but there are others that you wouldn't expect to be in a game like this, such as Lilo & Stitch.

The major thing missing from this title would have to be worthwhile content to unlock. While the few Disney pictures that you are able to acquire as you play might interest a young gamer, for most puzzle-fans, winning a Disney picture is closer to not winning at all than it is to winning something worthwhile. An extra level, a new character or upgrade, a new level type, anything other than a Disney picture for a player to unlock would have made the experience more rewarding.

Fortunately, that is about the only issue with the game. It has numerous difficulties so about anyone can play, and the gameplay itself is enjoyable through level after level. Meteos: Disney Magic brings the gameplay from the original back with a few twists, and they’re all good ones.