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Disney's Epic Mickey was a huge success upon release, selling 1.2 million copies in just a few short months. Because of this success, Disney, Nintendo and developer Junction Point decided to create a sequel. Epic Mickey: The Power of 2 offers up even more Disney nostalgia, complete with another heart warming story and all of the characters you fell in love with during the first game. The game even adds some new nods to Disney's amazing history.

Sadly, that's where the game's similarities to the first Epic Mickey end. The first Epic Mickey suffered from some minor control problems but it wasn't bad enough to ruin the experience. In Epic Mickey 2, the controls will make you frustrated and angry and detract from the experience significantly.

The idea behind Epic Mickey 2 is that you will travel through the game world not just as Mickey Mouse but also with the assistance of Oswald the Rabbit, a character from the Disney vault who was also featured in the first game. If you have another player to play with you with a second Wii Remote and Nunchuk, this player can assume the role of Oswald and offer at least some degree of intelligence to the character. But if you intend to play the game the same as the original Epic Mickey, as a solo affair, Oswald is not going to be much of a help. His artificial intelligence is almost laughable and he will frequently get in your way and just generally does more to hinder your progress than to help. Sometimes when you get to attack an enemy, Oswald will jump between you and the enemy like he's going to help you, but then he'll just stand there in your way, soaking up your paint brush attacks, effectively shielding the enemy while complaining that you are injuring him.

The combat is still seriously flawed even when Oswald is not getting in your way. The game suffers from some serious collision detection problems. Mickey can take damage when it appears that the enemy is still far enough away from him that the attack should have been avoided. You can appear to have avoided the incoming danger, only to then lose your life anyway, which is incredibly infuriating. Combat can also grow to be tedious. You're essentially doing most of the same moves over and over and even boss fights just feel way to drawn out.

The game's story offers many side quests this time around, but all of the extra quests add a bit of confusion to the game. It's not always crystal clear where you are supposed to go to complete the next main objective to progress the story. Non linear gameplay is usually welcome in most adventure games but in Epic Mickey 2 it sometimes makes you just feel lost.

If you are a hardcore Disney fan, there is enough Disney lore and nostalgia here to suggest at least taking a look. But as a game, the magic isn't there.