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Dirt Showdown for Xbox 360 created by Codemasters is further addition to the much loved Dirt series. The overall game presentation is slick, the cars are nicely detailed and there are plenty on obstacles on the tracks, but overall something is missing.

The overall detail in the tracks is fairly well done and the scenery on each level is nicely toned. Some tracks are loaded with obstacles but it seems the developers spent an awful amount of time of the scenery and not enough time creating enough tracks to race over. Before you know it you have played all the tracks and with some tracks merging with other tracks during play it really does seem very bland and repetitive.

The commentary in some of the modes of play is also quite shocking and really does not add anything meaningful to the game whatsoever. Using such words as T-BoneTastic, or T-BoneDelicious really gets irritating and I cannot fathom why they have done this.

The best mode within Dirt Showdown is the Dominator, where the tracks are divided into four sections and the best time wins, win enough of these and become the Dominator. There is also a Destruction Derby Mode but instead of being last man standing winning in this mode is based on a time limit. They really could have done so much better with this game, and leaving the racers to get on with it and waiting for the time to run out makes for a disappointing way of winning.

There are other modes of play also where you knock down different boxes positioned on the track, but after a while this gets boring too. Another example is when you have to perform a donut, and again you simply hold down one button and no controls are needed. It almost feels like they are trying to pan the game out but making a terrible job of it.

Compared to Dirt 3 this game is a real disappointment, what should have been great turned out to be a standard dirt racer, instead of being a separate game they should have make this game an add-on for Dirt 3.

Taken as a whole, Dirt Showdown could have been a good game, but it is simply not long enough, the commentary is terrible and the tracks are very bland, a real disappointment.