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If memory serves me correct Bioshock was released in 2007 on the 360, and it shouldn't be any big surprise to know that this game was released a couple years after the console version. For me I played the shit out of this game on 360 and was I was ecstatic when this game was finally released.

In the start of the game the game will start off as you taking a flight on a plane, however, for some totally unknown reason the plane crashes into the water. So you will be left wondering where the hell do I go. Unless you are like me and have played the game on 360. Anyways, you will swim your way to an island with a lighthouse. From here you will leave your surveying passengers only to fend for themselves. Kind of trader, huh!

Ok so you will arrive at an underwater city and this is where it gets really good. Your will be approached by your good friend Atlas, and even meet a local splicer. You character doesn't respond to others as they give you all kinds of tidbits. Maybe he just doesn't feel the need to say anything, I don't know. Kind of a social retard!. Then your friend will give you a series of orders over the radio.

This could be anything like killing a type of splicer or just interacting with someone he wants you to talk to. You will also be upgrading yourself in various ways, too. In this underwater city you will be able to find audio diaries left by previous people that lived in the city before your time. They will also hint at the main villain which you will come across as the game progresses further and further.

So take my word on it and take the time to listen to these audio diaries along the way, unless you couldn't care less about the storyline. They will really help in tying the story together. Whatever choices you will make will determine how a certain episode will end. There are two different ways either good or evil; no neutral which I would kind of liked to have seen.

Later in the game you will find a camera which is awesome. You can use it for a number of awesome advantages (like more health, EVE, which is mana, or plasmids, which are spells. Yeah, you could go through the game and only take pictures of the ONLY required ones, but that would be no fun. This will give you ways to research your enemies, but choose wisely as you can only take three shots of each enemy.

Furthermore, you can harvest EVE (which is mana) from others and even take on bosses. They will either come in ranged or melee, in which you can use mines and wires to aid in defeating them.