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Rise of the Guardians for the Wii U allows you to play some pretty amazing fantasy characters from the stories that everyone read as a child. The characters are the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, The Sandman, and Jack Frost but in the game that have different names, but it is obvious who they are meant to represent. The idea of the game is for the player to control these characters and to try to defeat the ultimate evil called "Pitch" whose goal is to make unbelievers of all the children of the world who believe in our fairy tale heroes.

When playing you have the option to take control of each of the five guardian characters at any time. Every character is equipped with his or her own set of abilities, strengths, and moves which, over time, can gradually improve through upgrades. For each of the five characters there is a different kingdom and on your travels through these realms you can buy gems which will help you achieve your goal. Through every level you have several missions to complete, most of them involve destroying nightmare creatures, and each realm has about five or six missions of varying degrees of difficulty to attempt. You can unlock achievements by completing certain missions with help from the other four characters who fight off enemies, a job that they do well. You can defeat "the nightmares" by slapping them and then moving on, and if they re-appear you slap them again, and so it continues throughout the entire game, making it a little repetitive. But to make up for it to some degree the soundtrack and cutscenes are both impressive.

The game is very easily controlled, and this WII U version allows you to have a bigger picture of the environments. The problem is the environments are very stereotyped and much of what happens in them is predictable and the actions are lacking in challenges.

The game is pretty short but can seem to drag on a bit because of the repetition. Your characters do not have a very large health bar and they can die very quickly if you are not careful. There are a few glitches throughout which can be troublesome and the game is not very challenging and so unfortunately the bad points outweigh the good.

With a clever concept and plot it is a shame that the game has so much else to let it down.