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Darksiders II is set to become the adventure game of the year and the second installment is simply breathtaking and the overall gameplay and graphics simply add to this masterpiece. You could describe this game as a cross between RPG and Adventure and the gameplay can easily last well over 20 hours.

In the original Darksiders you played a character called War, who was accused of starting the apocalypse, he decided to seek out revenge, in a brutal manner, on all those who had wronged him. In Darksiders II you play the role of Death who is literally destroying worlds in his attempt to clear his brother’s name as he battles demons, dragons, and otherworldly characters in a hellish environment.

If I had to sum up Darksiders II I would say this game is a combination of lots of other games, combined into one very entertaining whole. For instance we see elements or Portal 2, Devils May Cry, and even elements of Tomb Raider and Prince of Persia to mention just a few. For example, you can jump through Wall Portals, or you can run against the wall, which was originally adopted in the game Prince of Persia. At times you will find the screen completely overrun with characters that are constantly attacking you. You will need to plan your actions well in order to live another day.

If you beat the game on normal mode you are then able to unlock another mode called the Nightmare Mode thus allowing you to further continue your journey. Unfortunately there are a few glitches within the game. I noticed one or two instances of words not in sync with the characters, another negative is the limited customization options.

A few people have complained about influences from other games, but I think that without having these influences you cannot really progress with the development of games in general. This game mixes a lot of top titles and styles of gameplay and welds them very well together in order to create an action adventure masterpiece.

There are times within the game where you will find yourself scratching your noodle as you try and figure out a such problems as a sequence of floor panels or switches which in some cases have to be hit in a certain order to move on in your quest

Overall this game is pretty much like the first installment of Darksiders, and is set to win several awards in the 2012 awards. Voted game of the year by numerous gaming sites, this game is well worth a look for anyone interested in Fantasy, Magic Action and Adventure.