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Family Guy Back To The Multiverse for the PS3 follows two of America's favorite adult cartoon characters, Brian and Stewie, as they return to the Multiverse featured in the fan favorite episode season Eight, 'Road to the Multiverse'. The video game features all the shows favorites such as Peter, Lois, Quagmire, and yes even Meg. The game follows from the shows famous sense of crude humor, and implements many of the same stylistic choices as the television show, most notably, the nonsensical flash backs that Family Guy is famous for.

As with most titles styled after a hit show or movie, approach with caution. The sad truth of most titles released after T.V. shows and movies is that they are often underdeveloped in many ways, while their are exceptions to this rule, this is unfortunately not one. Like many games of this sort it is developed quickly with less time and energy focused into game development. Most game companies, and Activision is no exception, rely on the name to essentially market itself. Quality seems to take a back set to the fact that it is Family Guy, and Activision knows that, that means it will sell regardless of quality.

What this game lacks is care and effort that make a good game. The controls are clunky and even frustrating to deal with at times, and the interface is totally underwhelming. All put together the game feels sloppy and totally unrefined from what most gamers set the bar at. The question is however, "what were you really expecting?", this game is marketed toward Family Guy fans, not video game players. Video game fans will find this game poorly made at best, and unplayable at worst.

Family Guy fans can however, rejoice. If your primary interest in the game is the fact that it is Family Guy, it does Family Guy justice. Everything you know and love about the cartoon is present here. Nothing should put off a true Family Guy die hard from playing, and enjoying this game, that is, unless they are also an avid video game player. The game has all the same quips and potty humor you expect, and if you're a fan you can expect to laugh and have some fun watching the cutscenes.

Credit to the game designers for taking a somewhat unique approach the the gaming style, but all points detracted for it's execution. Family Guy Back To The Multiverse is a first person shooter, and with the popularity of the first person shooter it almost seems common sense to make this game as such to attract a wider range of players. Unfortunately the issue of controls, aiming, and maneuverability will leave a first person shooter fan longing for so much more. The game is also fairly short, again targeting the fan, and casual gamer, it has little content and much of it is repetitive and fails to be engaging. With a few hours of dedicated play story mode can be conquered leaving only split screen two player mode there after, that's right, a first person shooter with no online play.