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Playing Fight Night Round 3 on PS3 totally made a difference from pushing old and ordinary buttons. Easy maneuvering of the sticks and it made the player totally out of control as if they are also in the real boxing ring. The game also featured the impact punches which are a variation of full blown hit. Using this technique can easily decrease the enemy's energy and can totally knock him off. Another punch style is the stun punch which enables the player to watch his reflection in the enemy's eyes. There is a little slowness in conducting impact punches but it is still good because it makes the game somewhat realistic.

Punching is not the only way to use the control. There are also defensive moves such as blocking punches or leaning on the opponent to recharge some energy. The good thing about the PNR3 also is that it is not all about boxing in the ring. It also makes the player responsible for his health status as a boxer. The player can train first before the fight. There are 3 kinds of training in the game depending on what stats that the player wants to boost.

There are also mini games to try on before the major fights. The key in the game is to let a little time for the enemy to heal because punching profusely will make your opponent's face swollen so that he can't counter attack anymore, or he can also bleed intensely and the referee will stop the match.

There are several modes to play in the game, the play now mode, career mode, the classic ESPN mode, online mode and the Get in the Ring which is the new first person mode. There are famous boxing champions that are included in the characters such as Manny Pacquiao and Evander Holyfield.

The FNR 3 is published by the EA Sports. They have not changed much of the game but it still becomes a major hit. The game is really enjoyable regardless that it is the only boxing series in video games. But because of good controls and realistic characters as well as the good boxing mode selections and the latest get in the ring mode which allow first person player in the game. There are some issues in heavy advertisement in the game setting which sometimes becomes too heavy for the eyes to bear. But the audio or the sound effects are good. This video game for PS3 is be a good buy and worth the time.