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Mass Effect 3 is the latest in the award winning game that involves various intergalactic battles and some dramatic game play. The one thing about this game is that you really should have played Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2. Without having played those games, you will seem a little lost in this one. While it is still a great game to play, you will not have the same level of investment in the characters and the story line. What really sets this game apart from others is how dramatic the story line is and how much goes on.

The key to the enjoyment of Mass Effect 3 is that each choice you make as the main character can effect the outcome of the game. It is not just about going through a set of circumstances that are pre-set and then finishing the game. You will be able to control what goes on and there are so many varied outcomes. The game's basis is all about fighting the enemy that are looking to destroy the planet.

Your character, Shepard, is trying to ensure that earth is not destroyed. He must convince the Alliance that they need to protect earth from this enemy. The problem is that not too many people are interested. And the people he needs to help him convince the Alliance are all over the planets, so he must get them first. This involves plenty of challenges, different types of enemies, and some dangerous sequences.

The combat in this game is excellent, both with fists and with the various types of weapons that exist in the game. While it is a challenge, it is definitely not an impossible game to master. The difficult level can be set based on what you prefer. It can go from being a walk in the park to a true battle of wits and skill.

The game succeeds because it combines the balance of a role playing game with that of a shooter. Most role playing games have bad action graphics and most action games have bad story lines. This game has the best of both worlds and that is what makes it such genius.

There are six different playing styles you can choose from and the characters will always level up in terms of their weapons and capability as you do better and progress in the game. Not to worry, because the level of enemies also gets more difficult.

The game definitely takes a long time to get through and it is very demanding. It is one of those games that you need to be on your game for all the time. There are some who complain there is too much random talk and video that was unnecessary, but that is for everyone to decide on their own.

The graphics are phenomenal, the game play is tremendous, and it is a very addictive story. Mass Effect 3 has all the ingredients of a perfect game and that is exactly what has been delivered.