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The Tomb Raider Trilogy for Playstation 3 is a remastered compilation of one of the most popular and recognizable video gaming franchises of all time.

With over 8 million copies in print, the spunky athletic and seemingly tireless heroine, Lara Croft and her escapades is once again available for Playstation 3, but this time in high definition on Blu-Ray disc. The Tomb Raider Trilogy includes the original Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Underworld.


Tomb Raider Legend delves into Lara's mysterious past. After a plane crash Lara and her mother are left to fend for themselves in the Himalayas. While stranded, her mother vanishes in front of her eyes, leaving Lara on quest for survival. She searches through her past, in tombs, some of history's most revered objects and dangerous members of her past appear. Sexy and fearless,Lara must solve challenging puzzles, explore dangerous strange locales all in the bid to survive.

Tomb Raider Anniversary set in New Mexico during the last year of World War II, a nuclear blast from the US Government's secret Manhattan Project explodes and lets loose a strange animal which flies away (it turns out to be Lara's nemesis Atlantean Ruler Jacqueline Natla). 50 years later our plucky sexy heroine, Lara Croft reads her father's diary and decides she must search for the mythical lost city of Atlantis which means she must confront the Atlantean Ruler, Jacqueline Natla.

Tomb Raider Underworld. This picks up where Legend ended. Haunted by her mother's disappearance, Lara Croft's search takes her on an even darker journey this time through into the mythical Norse underworld of Helheim.

What's new with Tomb Raider Trilogy for Playstation?

The remastered trilogy features:-

New network trophies.

30 minutes of bonus videos.

Lara Croft avatar outfit.

Viking Thrall Avatar.

PS Theme Pack.

"Beneath the Surface" Underworld Dev Diaries.


Excellent HD graphics, consistent and engaging story line to follow through all three games.


There is a game ending glitch at the end which was also in the 2008 version and never fixed. And sometimes, the camera work can appear jerky. The story since it is so familiar can seem tiresome and dated.

Tomb Raider Trilogy for Playstation 3 is retailed at $29.99. You can buy the trilogy for under $20.00 and a used copy can be had for even less money. It lends itself nicely to the Playstation 3 handheld controls. What's great about having a linear trilogy, is that you can track Lara's story as it progresses. So you get into the story when it starts. In terms of learning how to play, there are plenty of forums on line where you can get hints, cheats and walkthrough. The game is not hard to learn and is engaging from beginning to end. It is available in single player or coop format. It's rated 16 for Teen. It has some mild violence, but no crude language.