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Kinect Star Wars was expected to be a game worth playing judging by all the advance publicity, but it feels like it falls well short of what gamers were expecting to see. Unlike previous Star Wars games, or combat style games in general, you use the motion sensor to control your light sabre and this was supposed to add to the realism within the game, and the game was hyped up because of this very asset. The only trouble as with so many Kinect games is being able to take control of the light sabre using the movement of the user standing up in front of the screen.

As you wave your invisible sabre at the screen there numerous issues soon come to light with this addition. If the speed of movement of the arms when in various combats is too fast it results in the action performed not taking place on the screen like it should. This later results in frustration on occasions as the whole point of this notion is to be able to carry out various attacks which mimic the user’s movement.

You have the option during the game also to be able to play mini games, enter various vehicles, use the force, and various dueling matches. On the menu screen you have various modes of play which you can enter. These include modes such as Rancor Rampage, Main Campaigns, Duels of Fate, Pod Racing and finally the Galactic Dance off which is baffling to say the least.

During the game there are some sequences and graphics which really hit the button, then other parts of the game will simply be lower in quality, almost as if various people were working on the game but they were not working in harmony. The other issues with Kinect Star Wars are the audio sync problems. Younger Star Wars fans will no doubt put up with these issues without making this kind of judgment, however, these problems should have been ironed out before the game actually came to the use of the many avid Star Wars Fanatics who really wanted an experience worthy of a Kinect game.

Sadly Kinect Star Wars completely missed the boat, or should we say the Enterprise, what could have been and should have been an entertaining game is a disappointing one and has ended up coming to the market not living up to its huge potential given the history of this franchise.

Overall I would give this a 6 out of 10, it should have surpassed all expectations with the level of gameplay that is to be expected these days, but it fails to live up to the hype.