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When Medal of Honor Heroes 2 was released, my immediate reaction was, ho hum, not another one. Eat my words, this is a fun and exciting game that totally surprised me and the improvements that I had been clamoring for in the previous versions were finally corrected in this Wii version. Thanks a lot, development guys!

The story line is basically the same theme, there are briefings, combat missions to complete, the need to overcome the challenges, and it is a killing game just like the others. However, the action is really fast paced and quite challenging this is faster than the other versions. If the developers had stuck with the same control scheme as those found in the Vanguard version, this would not have been made possible. There are not many changes but they are definitely more manageable and give the player the ability to react faster and make better moves.

Generally, people who play with Wii already expect that there would have to be some motion controls when playing and most are terribly disappointing. But in the case of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 this came out great, thankfully! Now, setting up explosives is no longer a tedious affair, it is actually exciting and thrilling. The controls will also alert the player if there is any danger. No, the controls are not a hundred percent perfect, nothing is, there are still some downsides, but the improvements make all these seem negligible.

The Medal of Honor Heroes 2 arcade mode is also surprising. While most arcade games can bore me to death, Heroes arcade mode is surprisingly fun. Getting to play with about 32 other players online is also something totally new and impressive.

The game design is not all that impressive, so is the story line, but that is all negligible in the end. Looking for a game where you can immerse yourself into the kill 'em mode can sometimes be terribly boring and you know what happens next, not in this game. The first person shooting is worthy of the cost of the game.

I really don’t get to see a lot of exciting games from old themes all that much and I am happy that Medal of Honor Heroes 2 turned out to be satisfying. And I really don’t care about some complaints about the visual either, I don’t look for perfection. One thing I do know, the imperfections of the game is surprisingly what made me look forward to playing more hours in front of this instead of the usual monotonous feel. Even after I finished playing the whole thing I just wanted to get more action again and again, now that is saying a lot for a Wii game.