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Last year Dead Island was released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. There were some folks who loved it, and others who didn't. Deep Silver and Techland released Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition, this version of the game, which features the campaign and post-launch DLC, is worth the price tag.

Dead Island is centered on the island of Banoi, which gets struck suddenly with a zombie outbreak. You get the choice to play as one of four characters that are stuck on the dead island of Banoi. Any character you pick is immune to the virus,a large majority of the quests center around other islanders asking you out to do their chores and run their errands.The story is largely a big let down not being very driven or gripping, and the characters aren't very likable. Don't pick up Dead Island in hopes of a thrilling and gripping zombie tale, you are just here to kill some zombies.

One of the mechanics in Dead Island is durability. The more you use a weapon, the more it degrades, eventually breaking and becoming severely impaired. It also has an interesting crafting system. You can create some really cool weapons by piecing other ones together, but sometimes you can find even better ones on the ground! The more often you brandish your zombie killing weapon, the more of the durability you will exhaust. You are allowed to repair your items at workbenches, because it keeps combat interesting.

A majority of the things that you'll be doing on the island are looting and killing hordes of zombies. Combat is extremely pleasant and brutal. Weapons play a very important role in surviving the Dead Island, and throughout your journey for survival you come across everything from broken useless bats to extremely sharp and powerful machetes, guns, and crowbars. You also come across different weapon mods, and by combining what seems to be unimportant, useless items you've looted with some weapons you come across, you can create something as awesome as nail ridden bats and crowbars.

All in all this game is a great game, and definitely worth picking up for the price. If you are into zombie survival games, Dead Island is the game for you.