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Godzilla has been a favorite of everyone for more than 50 years. From the oldest and weirdest comic books to the poorly produced but highly addicting Japanese movies all the way to the big Hollywood production that broke box office records, the franchise has seen a lot of innovation and propaganda.

Unfortunately, what should have been a great game on Wii was surprisingly disappointing. The first indication of the disastrous production and development were the controls. They were so difficult to control that the targeting system, also poorly developed, just went chaotically everywhere except the target. However, there is still a chance to flame down Mothra and then get to down her with a building after.

Godzilla, as a good and great monster, has to go through many places to battle down some other monsters, destroy some crystals and then try to stop a crazy guy who not only wants to rule the world but also wants to kill Godzilla. The whole game lasts all of three hours of exhausting manoeuvres and whatnots. However, after just two plays, the gamer would have been too exhausted to keep going.

During a fight, Godzilla has to blast the creature from the face of the planet and it can fight back with every ounce of strength it has. It will hit back with a beam that can rival what Godzilla has. This will trigger the appearance of a minigames where the beams pulse back and forth between the dueling monsters. To avoid the pulse of the beams, the player has to control has to be swiped like a racket so in short, there is a semi-ping-pong type of game going on with the remote and the monsters.

The upside is, the visuals are great. The camera controls are also well thought out so if the gamer needs to look into the battle from afar, the camera can pan out. However, much as the visuals are great, the sound is mediocre. There are some monster noises but instead of it sounding like a great big Godzilla monster it ends up sounding like a lizard on the wall. Although there are some growls which are pretty good and worth mentioning. Another bad is the music and the voice acting. Simply another indication of the poor production. The special effects were not special either.

In short, this is a visually pleasing game but thatÂ’s about it. The gameplay is not monster-like it is more wimpy-like and the challenge is not challenging in any way. The single player campaigns are short and un-challengeng as well so it does not really pay to play on your own. In short, this is one Godzilla game which should have been left on the shelf where it should not even have reached in the first place, it is that bad.