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In Boogie Superstar, you choose a character, or create a character, and start down the road to super-stardom. In the previous version last year, the characters were filled with style and pizzazz. In this one, the characters have been replaced by pre-teens with about as much character as a toothbrush. Even the feature that lets you create your own character is bare-bones, and doesn't allow for barely any customization in your appearance.

Once you get onto the stage, it’s time to start singing. Unfortunately, what you’ll find is that the 38 songs that are available are all poor remakes of the original pop music that inspired them. The music doesn’'t sound original, and it sounds bad, like the original sheet music got put through a keyboard, and that’s the music you get to sing along to. Additionally, there is a censoring of the lyrics that are there. If this is a game about singing, couldn't they have picked songs that the player can actually sing to, without having to interrupt themselves to not swear?

Fortunately, this is not just a game about singing. There is also a solid dancing component to the game which has players swinging their Wii Remote at the proper time, in the proper fashion, to gain points and succeed. These motions are performed in a two-beat fashion, and are relatively simple to do in the early levels. As you proceed, and unlock more moves, the newer moves don'’t work very well, though.

One of the biggest issues with this game is the difficult fashion in which you unlock the new songs. Even though this game is obviously meant to be played as a group, you’ll get fewer points that way, meaning that you’ll have to play the same levels over and over again to get enough points to advance. You get more points playing individually, but then you can’t switch over to a group and use all the songs you’ve unlocked. It’s a frustrating choice for the style of play that makes the game a lot more work than it has to be to win.

With all the new game styles out there, finding one that uses the Wii Remote at the same time as the microphone is something of a treat. That being said, this title doesn’'t take that potential nearly as high as it could. If you’re looking for a karaoke game that’s a lot of fun, find a game that is all about singing. Similarly, if you want a game where you can dance on the Wii, there are others out there that do that very well.