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Assassin's Creed Brotherhood is a first player game that picks up the storyline from Assassin's Creed 2. Set in Rome, players will bounce back and forth between present day and the Italy of the Renaissance. Navigating the war between the Templers and the Assassins, Desmond is able to access the memories of his ancestor, Ezio, and continue the dual time missions.

The game begins with Ezio losing everything he's accumulated, thanks to villain Cesare Borgia, and he sets off for revenge. The city of Rome is divided into 12 districts all under the careful watch of the Borgia tower and crawling with soldiers. Ezio's first mission is to the destroy the tower to free the townspeople of the Borgia tyranny. After liberating districts, Ezio must help by buying and renovating shops, this will allow players to begin stocking their arsenal and gaining money.

With each tower the player destroys, districts, items, and apprentice assassins are gained to help them complete the game. Players must determine the best path to assassinate each Borgia tower captain and ultimately burn the tower down and move on. Throughout the game assassination contracts are offered, tailing missions are given, and treasure chests are hidden to help players gain perks.

Making a return to the Assassin's Creed franchise is Leonardo Da Vinci. Even though he's Ezio's ally, Cesare has pressured him into creating weapons which Ezio must now track down and destroy the plans and prototypes. Along with Leonardo comes his assistant, who players will quickly remember has quite a crush on Ezio. Also other old characters Caterina Sforza, Nicolo Machiavelli, and Claudia, Ezio's sister, resurface with new characters, one of which is the memorable sister and lover of Borgia, Lucrezia. Although players are not able to travel to various cities as before, the twelve districts of Rome give enough variety so players don't feel trapped or limited.

One of the few changes is that players are able to recruit assassins after defeating towers. Once players have recruited them, they are able to call upon their assassins and send them on missions around Europe. The benefit of these extra assassins is that players are able to raise XP and gain cash rewards for Ezio. After successfully completing missions, players are able to increase armor or weaponry and unlock advanced options that will help on future missions. Another change that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood offers players is the ability for Ezio to ride his horse whenever the player chooses.

The quality of historical Rome is both breathtaking and authentic. Another familiar feature for players is Ezio's ability to save citizens from Borgia soldiers, which leaves them indebted to you. Creating a growing army of assassins gives players an opportunity to take a backseat and call upon minions to complete killings. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood also introduces a multi-player option which furthers a player's ability to use help. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood allows players to fly through the air from building to building, creep behind targets, and roam the streets of Rome with ease.