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Borderlands 2, is the sequel to the original Borderlands, which was released in October of 2009, and seems to be far more engaging than its predecessor, which relied on a catchy tune for the opening credits from the band Cage The Elephant, to grab the players' attention and draw them into the game. However, Borderlands 2 needs no such methods to lure the player in. Borderlands 2 was expected to be far better than the original and was promised to include much more. The expectations and assumptions were correct and the game came packing the heat it was created with.

The genre of the two versions is pretty much the same, action-role playing-first person shooter, a combination almost unheard of, but it works and it works well. The game is set five years into the future, after the time where events in the original took place. There are new characters such as Zer0, Maya, and Gaige, among others, and the new story line is engaging and keeps the players wondering, leaving them wanting to carry on, and unable to put down the controller.

The 2009 version is reputed to have sold over four million copies even though the developers admitted that the game was some sort of test run. The graphics were different, almost comic book stuff, and the story was out of the park along with the characters and pretty much everything else. It became widely successful and was sold out in a lot of stores in the first weeks after its release. Due to this huge and completely unexpected success, Gearbox Software, the game's developers, decided to create a sequel to the game, and their hopes of he new game being just as successful were also surpassed when Borderlands 2 also became wildly successful, even more so than the original, and received a 9 out of 10 rating from the majority of gaming magazines and websites.

The game also has downloadable content, and much of this content is concerned with additional weapons, however, at least one of the DLCs includes campaign content, allowing players to add extra playing time, even though they may have already completed the game.

Borderlands 2 is engaging, fun, and mysterious, with an unusual genre combination, and the player can become completely immersed in the gameplay. The action will keep players on the edge of their seats, the first person shooting will keep them alert and the role playing will have them making game changing choices. With the genre combination, the new content, and the new plot line, the possibilities for something new in this game are almost endless.