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WRC 3 F1A World Rally Championship is a racing video game made by Milestone. This game is a mediocre game all around and although never completely bad it is also never completely good either, it just kind of... is.

To WRC 3's credit, the game tries hard to emphasize the spirit and technical skills of the sport. It has a heavy focus on control and adaptability in attempting to mimic the real life sport, but sometimes failing in the attempt. The race locations are all from the current years events, and the top racers from the sport lend their name to the title. Every team competing, with their drivers and cars, are available to play, as well as a very large selection of other vehicles from which to choose and unlock. The whole racing scene is reasonably accurately modeled, but so it was in WRC 2, so it is not much of an upgrade.

One big, but perhaps understandable mistake this title made was in assuming that everyone who was going to buy this game would be familiar with the rules of the sport. They do not offer any real tutorial and they fail to explain what's going on at any time. You cannot just jump into this game and hope for the best,there are much better racing titles to pick up if you want to do that. This is very bad for the story mode, because you will have no idea what you are doing most of the time, and will find it hard to get your car to do what you want it to do.

The career mode is mainly focused on putting you in the top performing cars and proving who is the better driver. Before every race the game gives you the option to tweak the forward and rear suspension, the gear, as well as the body of the car. There are enough customization options to make veteran and experienced player feel satisfied, but at the same time it does tend to overwhelm the newer players. Almost all of the vehicle handling in this game is very unrealistic, and a lot of the maneuvers feel way too easy to perform, unlike those of a real car. It fails to leave you with any sense of accomplishment. Attempting to finish any race with a lower performing vehicle will leave you frustrated and angered, and needing many tries to complete the track. There are also a host of cars from the 70's and 80's which really do have an authentic look about them.

Graphics wise the game is very good and is in many respects detailed and a pleasing to the eye, and this, the PS3 version, has better graphics because of the better hardware involved. But unfortunately most of the spectators seem lifeless and so the atmosphere of a real race track is not well presented. The scenery also is lacking in quality as the distant backgrounds can appear a little blurred.

A big problem with WRC 3 is that it is way too similar to previous titles and so does not really offer anything new. It is a bland experience, and I would not recommend it.