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The task of creating a realistic battlefield is very rarely attempted in the world of video games, but it seems that Operation Flashpoint Red River has risen up to the challenge and has in fact come rather close to actually succeeding.

However, despite the intensity that you can find it its very tactical warzone, you will find that the AI issues, some weak check pointing and the need to try the trial and error method in some areas affect that warzone. That aside, this game does manage to include a very well presented and very methodically situated campaign and some truly enjoyable multiplayer modes.

This game may have been a great first person shooter game but there exist a long list of technical and design glitches that keep it from being truly outstanding. It can be considered as a bit of a shame that they didn’t iron these glitches out as this game could have been one truly fantastic release if it weren't for those pesky glitches that pulled it down. But as the case may be, the game is out and there is nothing much that can be done about them.

With this game, you take on the role of the leader and you lead a 4 man team in Tajikistan where you chase down insurgents who have taken it upon themselves to flee from the troubles in Afghanistan. Although it was meant to be a small operation at first, it quickly gets so much bigger and the army form China move in the country in order to clear out the insurgents that have taken to causing trouble in the Chinese border. It must be said that its story is indeed very well presented and mixed with some truly great looking scenes that do well to mix real life footage with videos from the game. But again, more perceptive players may notice that there is a marked lack of originality in the story line. This particular lack in originality is nothing new in games like these so there is not much of a surprise there. But you can still do well to enjoy the game such as it is.

In order for you to take control of your team, you are able to issue very specific commands. They start out as rather simple commands at first but quickly escalate to more complex ones as you move along in the game. One way to ensure that you are successful in battle is to make sure that that your small team is always in the right position to respond effectively an whatever situation may arrive, this way they can react quickly and efficiently as well. Take note however that your team has the propensity to wander off even once you have given a command and even more alarming is that they seem to wander in the line of fire often.

Just make sure to set your expectations when it comes to this game so that you do not go in hoping for too much and end up getting incredibly let down in the process.