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Several years ago, if you were to mention to anyone that you would get to play Prey, you would have been branded as a lunatic. That is because after the idea was introduced to the press, the game never materialized as the team behind moved on to develop other projects and games.

However, in more recent times, it has again resurfaced; backed by a team that has come up with a couple of really successful and highly addictive game. While it is pretty much standard and does not offer anything groundbreaking to the genre, you will notice that it has come up with several novel, if slightly superficial twists that give it a slightly fresher look when compared to other games of its kind. For those who have heard of prey and were excited for its release, this might be very interesting news while those who have never heard of Prey might as well give it a try to see what all the hype was about a few years back.

The game starts with the main character sort of yelling at his image in the mirror. This dude is half Cherokee but he doesn’t care so maybe you shouldn't either. All he really wants to do is bust out of the reservation with his girlfriend in tow. But while he is busy gathering the guts to tell her about the plan, they both get sucked up in some strange alien vortex. Oh and there is a third person to get sucked up that that vortex and that person just happens to be his grandfather.

Like any good game, the levels were designed to be very straightforward so that you actually get to spend a lot of time in actual combat and less time wandering about looking all lost and desperate. Also, like any good game, the heroes are always armed so that they are ready to shoot to kill at any given time. There are very interesting looking weapons in his game for the sole reason that the weaponry that you arm yourself with are all alien made; thus the reason for them looking all funny. One example of this is that instead of picking up the standard grenade to lob at the enemy, you will have to pick up funny looking bug things that explode. How is that for funny alien weaponry? But rest assured that they do the job and work just as effectively as normal Earth- made weapons.

It was mentioned that the main hero was half- Cherokee and while he didn’t care about that before, he sure should be happy about it the alien’s turf as it turns out that he is in fact a mystical Cherokee warrior and he can develop extra powers as the game progresses. These power ups really make the difference in the game.

While it is indeed an interesting game, one gets the feeling that had they spent more time on it, it could have done with some more improvements for it to reach its full potential.