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It is the objective of GRID to give racing the sense of peril, reward and hazard which the remarkable PGR4 cannot match. What has been employed to make this happen is the Flashback feature which is probably the most resourceful trick of the game. If this is not present, most probably, the bloodshed and violence seen on the tracks will make the game horrendously exasperating but if the Flashback feature is present, the difficulty level is just appropriate.

An illustration of how the Flashback feature works is when you take a bad corner on the final lap of the race and your car gets smacked down by your opponent, what you will do is press the button for an instant-replay mode. Utilize the controls to move forwards and backwards, then you look for a good spot and finally, hit the Flashback button. At that moment, you will return to the race track and do what you have to do to steer clear from disasters which will destroy your race. Use of this feature is only limited to a particular number of times so you have to make use of this with caution.

WhatÂ’s more is that the vehicles in GRID are lighter and animated on the pitch and are predisposed to slide out if you apply excessive maneuvers with the accelerator and the brakes. The customization options of GRID are also amazing. Although, you can turn off all the driving assists as well as the race restarts and then subject the view to the camera in the cockpit, the experience will still not be as realistic as compared to other previous games.

On the other hand, the single-player campaign is outstanding. The GRID races are divided into 3 territories namely Europe, America and Japan. The races have varying types beginning from races that are straight touge, drift races and damaging derbies. The touge is a mountain racing tournament in Japan in which 2 cars compete over two race tracks. In contrast to the Racer Driver games of TOCA, in GRID you can start as a first-time driver with a battered vehicle to use. Once you have fixed your car, you can now begin to have your own team and compete.

Aside from that, you will have the fundamentals in managing a team. You will get sponsors of all sorts which can later be your source of cash once you can accomplish several goals of the game events. The visual quality of the game is also remarkable with spectacular tracks along with complete lighting effects. There is also the online play for 12 players which will make racing obviously fast and furious. GRID is an exceptional game and by far among the topmost road racing games ever released in the console generation.