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In WWE 13 for the Xbox 360 you have several modes of gameplay available to you, some of these are Creative Suite, Attitude Mode and Universe Mode. I shall briefly outline features from these various modes.

The Creative Suite mode is pretty much self explanatory, this mode gives the user the ability to customize not only a character which you can create uniquely from scratch, but it also allows for the user to be able to change the Stadiums and Venues in which you will be competing. For example you have the option of changing the colors of the wrestlers outfits and the type of audience who will be watching the event. Finally the actual ring and logos can be edited, so this pretty much covers what the creative suite mode does.

In the Attitude Era Mode you play through a season of 65 matches, this also contains storylines and chapters where you play over a 2 year season. These chapters do not contain 65 playable characters, you only get to play eight wrestlers, a few examples would be The Rock, Undertaker, Kane to name but some from the selectable total in this mode of play.

In the overall game there must be upwards of 100 players in total, more if you count the various add on packs which offer much more. Overall it surpasses itÂ’s predecessor and makes for a decent game, more so if you happen to like wrestling to begin with.

There are a few drawbacks within the game, more to do with the commentary than anything else. With this type of game trying to get authentic commentary and matching it to specific gameplay combat moves is hard or nearly impossible. So from time to time the commentary is out of sync with the action, often with a lot of repetition, making it slightly annoying when you are trying to get into the swing of things.

Other slight problems within the game are visual effects, sometimes the wrestlers move in the most unusual manner which can get quite annoying, you would have thought these little bits would have been sorted in order to create something much smoother.

You also now have the ability to play online without the need to upload the content beforehand which is something a lot of people wanted, now giving you an opportunity to custom create your own player and go head to head against other wrestling fans.

This is probably the best wrestling game currently in production today. So with that said, if you are looking for a wrestling game of substance, then perhaps with WWE 13 you may have just found it.