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In Spider-Man Edge of Time the user is presented with two different mission styles which take him both into the past and into the future, based around the timeline of 2099. In effect you get to play the classic Spider-Man and also the future version of the so called super hero.

This game does not live up to the high standards of its predecessor, Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, the graphics are somewhat shaky, and the same attention to detail is just not there.

In this new version actions have consequences and how you interact within the game will also, in some areas, effect how the gameplay continues. As you spend most of your time hunting bad guys with no real sense of why you are doing this, it gets kind of repetitive and boring traveling down corridors and looking into laboratories.

The combat style of fighting is entertaining to a degree, however, if I had to choose between this title and the earlier Spider-Man I would go with the previous title as it is a much better game and the graphics, action, motions, and moves are of a much higher standard.

The game was created by the same people who made the previous title and so it is difficult to fathom out why this new title is such a disappointment. There are also fewer special moves than in the previous title. Granted this is not a follow up story to the previous Spider-Man, and the two games are not interconnected, you cannot help but make a comparison between the two, more so as they are designed by the same developers.

Overall the game is a massive disappointment, and being an avid Spider-Man enthusiast I expected more. It seems like they need to go back to the drawing board once again as it almost feels like the game was rushed, or rather no thought was really put into the construction of it.