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Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed on the Xbox 360 was originally developed by Sega and like their previous titles it is full of spectacular colours and weapons which you can pick up during racing.

Following on from the hit success you now have more engaging weapons, better terrain, new characters, various new tracks which differ greatly compared to the previous encounter. I also like the way they have moved away from just racing on tracks, now one minute you are in a aircraft swooping down at lightning speed, the next you are racing on rough terrain as you battle against other competing racers.

There are plenty of track races but also varied off-road encounters, you might be racing along then suddenly there is no road, as your car turns into a speed boat.

The game reminds me a lot of Cars 2, except with this new game you have other vehicles and the graphics is much sharper, some levels use so much color it really is taking it to a new level. There are some color issues when traveling fast but this is only to be expected given the frame rate used in the game.

A good example of the colors used in the game can be found on the Roulette Rush Track, the attention to detail given on the track is simply marvellous. You also get various modes, I found myself spending most of the time in the Career Mode as a solo player.

There are also some new Vehicles which were not in the previous title, these include Gillus, Thunderhead, Vyse, and Gum to name a few, there are around seven to ten new cars, and each one has their own unique ability.

Overall, if you enjoyed the previous game, Sonic and All Stars Racing, or Cars 2, then this new title is well worth looking at, better weapons, tracks, vehicles, and the terrain off-road makes it much more free roaming compared to the previous games.