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F1 2012 is a Formula One racing game that is brought to us by Codemasters. The game is the third that Codemasters has created for the F1 genre, after they completed F1 2010 and F1 2011. The game has received mostly positive reviews, particularly when compared to the previous versions. We will take a look at the game modes, some changes compared to F1 2011, and what is still flawed in this great looking Formula 1 game.

F1 2012 has several game modes. The simplest game mode is the Single Race, where you can choose any of the official 2012 F1 races and drive there as a race weekend. You can also choose any of the drivers that were part of the 2012 F1 world championship. The race settings can be altered, which includes the difficulty, what rules are active, how long the race is, and what the weather is like. This ability to adjust and customize is what makes this game so great.

Another game mode is the Career Mode. In a change from F1 2011, the career mode now has two separate routes. The first is the traditional career where you can change your team after each season, depending on how well you have done. The second is the "Rival Challenge", where you pick a rival on the grid. If you beat that rival in the next three races, you get to take their race seat. So, even if you are with the worst team on the grid, you can challenge someone like Vettel or Alonso. If you beat them over three races, you will find yourself in the Red Bull or Ferrari.

Challenge Mode is another interesting edition to F1 2012. As there were so many past champions on the 2012 F1 grid, the game decided to take advantage of that. Each challenge has you pitted against a F1 champion. Your goal is to beat them and win the challenge. You can do this in three difficulty settings. Once you win the challenge, you move onto a harder challenge. The challenges go on until you meet 7 time champion Michael Schumacher for the final challenge.

The online mode for F1 2012 is decent but it is nothing to rave about. There are very few games going on and mostly you will have to get a group of friends together who can set up an online game through Steam. This is what most choose to do, as the regular online games can be very unpredictable.

Many people have plenty of issues with this game and some of those comments are warranted. The rules are still not implemented well, particularly in online situations. There are times when someone will take your car out completely, but you will also get a penalty as a result of the crash. Tire wear is still a problem, especially in wet conditions.

The best improvement from F1 2011 is the handling. It feels more real and it is very sensitive to changes that are made to the car. This makes F1 2012 the best simulation to date, even if there are still chinks in the armor.