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All time favorite cartoon network characters in one video game. Punch time explosion offers the pace and excitement of a fighting game with the characters that have come to be loved and adored over the years. This game offers all the action of a fighting game and exceptional graphics. Anyone who enjoys cartoon network and action games will be well pleased.

Punch time is a bit different when speaking of DS games. This has an intricate story line that flows smoothly along with the action. Enough thought was out into this game that players tend to lose track of time as they find themselves further and further drawn into the action. The fact that this is for the 3DS makes it even better. The characters seemingly jump off the screen to make this one game that is sure to have both novices and experienced game players wanting more.

One of the better aspects of this game is the WIFI access that allows multi-player action. This is coupled with amazing graphics. The characters are true to their cartoon network forms and as the 3D functions are kicked in, they seem to come to life right in front of your eyes. A lot of thought and care was put in to the development off the story line and the characters.

The characters all bring with them special weapons and abilities making gameplay that much more challenging. Finding the character that best suits the players taste is half the fun. The settings change as the characters are moved through the map of the game. These settings are vivid and well developed so as to be believable for the characters and situations.

The music is not quite as remarkable as the graphics and plots. While it can get a little repetitive after a while, it is not as annoying as one would think. At least the music is appropriate for the action going on the screen. The tempos fit the action, and when there are lulls in the action, the music is at least fitting.

These are all factors that aid in offering an exceptional reason to get a copy of the game. Whether the player is experienced in this format or another gaming system, they are sure to find Punch Time to be a pleasant surprise over other DS games. For the experienced video gamer this will offer a chance to refine skills and pit your favorite Cartoon Network characters against one another. The game player with less experience will find that Punch Time is an excellent means to enhance gaming abilities and enjoy a venue that has otherwise been untapped.

Whether young or old, most will find this to be an enjoyable game and nice way to pass some time. This is definitely a game that the player will lose track of time with. It is definitely a good addition to any DS game collection as it is fun to play and easy to follow. Overall this is a game worth owning.