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Medal of Honor Warfighter is the follow-up to EA’s Medal of Honor series reboot of 2010. That game was not a critical success but was still a solid first attempt to bring the franchise back to it’s former glory. Developer Danger Close is ready for round 2 with Medal of Honor: Warfighter. How did they fair this time around? Read on to find out.

Single Player: 8/10

The single player in Medal of Honor Warfighter is a rather short experience. Even novice first-person shooter players should be able to wrap the whole thing up in less than 12 hours. Veterans of the genre shouldn’t have any trouble beating the game in five to seven hours. The graphics you’ll find in the single player are first rate, and better than those in multiplayer for some reason. The opening cinematic goes directly from cut-scene to player control and if you’re not careful you’ll miss the cut because there is little drop in graphical quality from cut-scene to gameplay. The sound is also very good and really does a great job of making you feel like you’re on the battlefield. Each primary and secondary weapon has it’s own unique sound which you’ll come to easily recognize with no visual help. I don’t really want to go into very much detail with the narrative in single player since it’s a really interesting story that I don’t want to spoil. As much as I would love to give the single player a ten because of how interesting and exciting it is, I just can’t justify it since it’s over so fast.

Multiplayer: 8/10

This is where most gamers will spend the majority of their time with Medal of Honor Warfighter, and any first-person shooter really. I usually don’t like to start a review section off with a complaint, but I have to express my disappointment with the maps in multiplayer. Don’t get me wrong the maps have good flow and look tremendous. My problem is the lack of maps, with Warfighter featuring only eight. That pales in comparison to the 16 released with each year’s new Call of Duty game. My only other complaint with the multiplayer is the poor damage dished out by the shotguns. Unless you’re at point-blank range you can absolutely forget getting a one-hit kill. I know shotguns are supposed to be short-range weapons but surely you could kill someone from three feet away with a buckshot blast.

By far the best aspect of the multiplayer is that it does really go a long way to instill a sense of brotherhood among teammates that you just don’t find in enough first-person shooters. Teammates will provide health and ammo for each other and if only one player is alive, the respawning teammate spawns on him. This works great as long as your teammate is willing to recognize the situation and adjust his position accordingly. If he's taking heavy fire and won't take cover as you spawn, you may be dead before your character model's feet hit the ground. You'll also earn points for everything your partner does right. It all goes back to that brotherhood thing I was talking about earlier. Help your teammate and help yourself.

Final Score: 8/10