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Many gamers out there like to play shoot and kill games with nothing much going for it in terms of plot or depth of characters. With Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy, this is a game where you have to be determined to complete the game or risk the chance of not sleeping anyways.

The plot is on a remote island where an asylum is said to be located. Grandpa Charles was last seen on the island and you are determined to find out where he is while having to experience the mystery and suspense of the search.

When you get to the island, you find yourself looking at an abandoned hospital which curiously holds a big population consisting of ranting and raving patients who may or may not know about your grandfather; then there is that brother and sister who seem familiar to you and yet you can't quite place from where you knew them from; there is even a police officer who is investigating the mystery surrounding the death of his wife. Add on the mysterious doctor who is too good to be true and is as sleazy as can be. You need to figure out how to put all of these people together to find out where your grandfather was last seen and his relationship with the mysterious lot.

Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy was obviously well throughout as a game of puzzle, mystery, and suspense. You, as the grandson, will go through the hospital and experience the horrors and mysteries which you need to uncover and pick up bits and pieces of items that can help you find your grandfather. The game is a little short, but the suspense more than makes up for the lack of time.

There are so many tasks you need to accomplish before you can even enter the hospital like getting an ID (whatever for? It is abandoned supposedly), and you need to guess a password to get in. then there is the demon door which you need to get through. It can be quite annoying and frustrating at times, but it just adds on to the appeal of the game. You may have to make use of your notebook a lot through the game for this will hold the hints that will help you complete the game levels, one by one.

For gamers who like mystery, suspense and horror, Nightfall Mysteries Asylum Conspiracy is a wonderful game to add to the collection. It hits the nerves directly which just antes up the suspense and the determination of the player to continue and complete the game levels. The only downside is that the game is a little short for my taste, but it can be lengthy for the yellow blooded. This is the perfect experience for those who love mystery games and sweat out fear in the process. Good One!