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To move the pieces, you just press the A button and move it using the D pad. If you press B, you will cancel your move or display the menu that gives you the option to quit, get hints, save your current games and do other related functions. There is also an option that would allow you to receive hints and ideal moves when you highlight a particular piece. On the screen, a timer is displayed to provide you and your opponent an idea on how much time its taking both of you to do your moves. There is also a sort of reviewer on the side of the screen that enables you to check recent moves.

Chess allows you to play on a single mode. There are actually ten levels of difficulty and the higher your level gets, the degree of difficulty naturally increases. It also allows you to play offline or online. Offline chess is more like an actual chess game only that with Wii, you and your opponent need to use the controller to execute your moves. The game warns you about illegal moves and it also does not provide an area for you to cheat.

On the other hand, playing Chess online is what this game is all about. You just have to hook your Wii to Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and you are all set to invite and play with your friends all over the world or find someone your match online. There are two options for you to choose from when playing online, one provides five minutes and the other one provides 20 minutes to each player to strategize and do the moves to beat his opponent.

The downside about Wii Chess is that it doesn’t have a correspondence option so you won’t be able to communicate with your opponent even when you are both online and this is also sad because Wii has a built-in messaging system. If this system could be utilized, it would boost this game’s popularity. For the good part, this game allows you to save up 20 finished matches so you can review your strengths and weaknesses and hit the start or stop controls whenever you want to.

In general, Wii Chess remains to be a good choice if you want a healthy chess game. Although it lacks some features that would make it even more commendable like motion sensors and correspondence options, its sound game options enhances the game to make its players feel like they are playing professionally and Wii Chess is also a good game for starters as it does not require complicated set ups.